Soundscape Tour: Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Short Description:

Take an unnarrated audio tour sampling several of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science’s wonderful exhibitions. Compiled from approximately 2 hours worth of audio recordings taken in and around the museum.

Project Notes:

In response to the following prompt:

Visit a location of your choice and create an audio tour of the location.

I debated whether or not to create “voice over” narration for this but ultimately chose not to. Leaving the original audio untouched keeps the listener’s attention on what is actually unfolding, which does a few things:

  1. Feels more like you’re walking around the museum yourself.
  2. Forces the mind to take an active part in filling in the story, creating engagement through the sensation of eavesdropping.
  3. Emphasizes the amount of sound design that goes into creating effective museum exhibits (quite contrary to the stereotype of museums as dusty mausoleums!)

Tools and Resources:

  • iPhone 5S (as a portable microphone)
  • Voice Recorder Pro
  • Canon Powershot
  • Adobe Premiere Elements
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Font Squirrel: “Caviar Dreams” font


The DMNS logo and icons for Prehistoric Journey, Egyptian Mummies, Dead Sea Scrolls, Expedition Health, and Native American Indian Cultures are (c) DMNS. All other photos are (c) L. R. Forman.

The exhibit audio clips in this soundscape tour represent only a fraction of the Museum’s audio atmosphere and are used here exclusively for educational purposes.

Learn More:

Learn more about the DMNS and plan your visit by going to!