History in 30 Seconds: Lucky Dragon No. 5

Short Description:

A brief summary of the Lucky Dragon No. 5 incident.

Project Notes:

In response to the following prompt:

Explain something in 30 seconds.

Tools and Resources:

iPhone 5S (for photography)
Blu Snowball mic
Adobe Photoshop (for cropping images and creating the map-based fallout animation)
Moovly for Education


All photographs are public domain images from the US Dept. of Energy and NASA, or were photographed by me on a visit to the 第五福龍丸展示館 (Lucky Dragon No. 5 Exhibition Hall) in Tokyo, Japan. They are reproduced here for educational purposes only.

Learn More:

You can learn about visiting the Lucky Dragon No. 5 at http://d5f.org/en/index.php (English site).

Non-Japanese speakers should find the artifacts and images easy to understand. Japanese language learners need only medium proficiency – the museum displays all use furigana and non-technical vocabulary.

The museum is very moving and advocates for an end to nuclear war. (And it’s only a few minutes ride from Tokyo MegaWeb, Big Sight, Miraikan, and Tokyo Disneyland.)