Portfolio: Instructional Design Materials

Design documents, needs analyses, exam materials, adult learning theory, research reports, and other instructional design materials.

Solution Design Project: He for She Myanmar Preview

Solution Design Project: He for She Myanmar

Instructional project created in collaboration with Daryl Boyd and Vicki Murray-Kurzban for INTE 5100.

Theory-Based Project: Constructivism Preview

Theory-Based Project: Constructivism

A short website explaining Constructivism, the learning theory.

Horton's Absorb-Do-Connect Model Preview

SoTL Project: Horton’s Absorb-Do-Connect Model

A job aid for instructional designers summarizing Horton’s “Absorb-Do-Connect” model for designing learning experiences.

Research Project: Equity & Inclusive Design

A research project exploring inclusive design, learner personas, and best practices for instructional designers.

Subject Matter Expert Guide Preview

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Guide

A blank template created to facilitate collaboration with a Subject Matter Expert.

Jeopardy Activity Preview

Course Review: Jeopardy! Activity

An interactive PowerPoint to be used by a facilitator as an end-of-course review for the class.

Research Report on Virtual Reality Preview

Research Report: Virtual Reality (VR) for Skill-Based Education

An in-depth research project exploring the logistics and efficacy of using virtual reality (VR) technology for delivering skill-based instruction.