Portfolio: Graphic Design & Photography

Infographics, illustrations, graphic design, and photography.

DC Fundamentals Preview Icon

Illustrations: Direct Current (DC) Fundamentals

A selection of graphics created in Adobe Illustrator as instructional aids for an electrician apprenticeship course.

Building Background Graphic Cover Image

Photograph: Company Building as Background Image

A photograph taken of the company headquarters building and stylized for use as a background image in an eLearning course’s master template.

Preview of Giving Useful Feedback infographic

Infographic: Giving Useful Feedback

A mobile-targeted infographic describing how to give useful feedback in 3 simple steps.

Preview of Open Badges Infographic

Infographic: Measuring Learning with Open Badges

A mobile-targeted infographic summarizing open badges.

Preview of Horton Infographic Handout

Infographic/Handout: Horton’s Absorb-Do-Connect Model

A job aid summarizing Horton’s “Absorb-Do-Connect” model for learning experiences.

Preview of Bison Diorama Photograph

Photograph: Bison Diorama at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

A photograph taken for a multimedia project.