Portfolio: eLearning Courses

Captivate eLearning, Canvas eLearning, interactive online instruction, and other eLearning materials.

Captivate eLearning Course: FERC Standards of Conduct

An employee compliance training course built in Adobe Captivate.

Preview of Blended Learning Case Studies Interactive Lesson

Interactive Lesson: Blended Learning Case Studies

An interactive Google Slides lesson made with clickable elements to introduce four blended learning case studies.

Preview of Interpersonal Skills Canvas Course

Canvas Course: Interpersonal Skills for High-Tech Success

Course shell + introductory unit for a Canvas course teaching interpersonal skills to STEM-industry adult learners.

Captivate eLearning Course: Anhydrous Ammonia Training

One module of a multi-module employee safety training course, built in Adobe Captivate.