Portfolio: Audiovisual

Videos, podcasts, webinars, and other audiovisual materials.

Preview of How to Hike in the Colorado High Country Video

Video: Hiking in the Colorado High Country

A lighthearted animation demonstrating basic preparation and safety for a day-hike in the Colorado mountains.

Video: How the American Bison Almost Went Extinct

An educational short summarizing the near-extinction of the American bison.

Preview of TechSmith Relay Webinar

Webinar: Screen Recording Made Easy with TechSmith Relay

Learn how to use your free CU Denver TechSmith Relay account to record your computer screen.

Preview of Museum Soundscape Tour

Soundscape Tour: Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Take an unnarrated audio tour sampling several of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science’s wonderful exhibitions.

Preview of He for She Myanmar Summary Video

Video: HeForShe Myanmar Solution Design Summary

A short Camtasia video production summarizing a semester-long project.

Preview of Blast from the Future Video

Video: Blast from the Future! An 11th Grader in 2048

A fun visualization of some of the future educational technology described in EDUCAUSE’s 2017 Horizon Report.

Preview of History from the Source Podcast Series

Podcast Series: History from the Source

A short podcast series explaining the use of sources in historical research.

Preview of Octarine The Color of Magic Podcast

Podcast: Octarine – The Color of Magic

A playful podcast exploring the imaginary color “octarine”.