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Five Photo Stories: Peer Edition

This week, my fellow “Creative Design for Instruction Materials” grad students and I had the pleasure of creating stories using five personal photos – but no words! – to tell a story.

The project is ongoing, so I won’t be posting my own Five Photo Story for a week or two. In the meantime, here are two short stories I wrote based on my classmates’ unspoken narratives.

Be advised: they are very silly.

Story 1: Based on Justin’s “Breakfast” Five Photo Story

One morning, Justin decided he was going to make a breakfast burrito. Not just any breakfast burrito. The Sistine Chapel of breakfast burritos! The most beautiful, delicious breakfast burrito ever created by man! The tortillas would be his canvas; the taters, eggs, meat, spice, and cheese his brushes. (Photo 1)

But first, the frying pan must serve as his palette board. To begin: sizzling chorizo (Photo 2) as a base on which to build his masterpiece. Perfection. He stirs in the eggs (Photo 3) with delicate precision, blending flavors as Michelangelo once blended pigments.

Hark! The burrito calls out for its filling! Fear not, empty burrito — your blank canvas shall be adorned. Biting his lip with the effort, pinkie finger extended for maximum precision, Justin slowly – painstakingly – fastidiously layers the sauces, the taters, the meat-and-eggs from the still-spitting skillet, the cheeses. (Photo 4) Then… he rolls the burrito.

Choirs of angels sing on high. The gods themselves weep.

Its perfection too good for this world, the greatest breakfast burrito soon departed (Photo 5). But its memory will live on in glorious legend until mankind doth perish from this earth.


Story 2: Based on Jessica’s “Meet Blue” Five Photo Story


Where Is Blue? A Children’s Story

Where is Blue?

Blue has found his forever home and is busy kissing his new friend. Blue promises not to grow so big his owner can’t hold him in two hands like today. Blue also promises that he will never chew on that couch. (Photo 1)

Where is Blue?

Blue is sitting obediently like you asked. See? His training is going well. He deserves the doggie cookie you are holding. (Photo 2)

Where is Blue?

Blue is going for a walk in the snow. He is allowed to go on adventures in the snow now, so long as he is wearing his leash. And that leash is attached to a human. Today it is attached to a human. Good for Blue! (Photo 3)

Where is Blue?

Blue is tasting your coffee. Blue likes how the mug is warm against his tongue. Now that Blue is tall enough to reach your mug, he might try your coffee again soon. Don’t worry if he knocks it over — that’s just so it is easier to lap up. (Photo 4)

Where is Blue?

Blue is home. Blue’s home is full of wonderful things like big crates and blankets. Blue owns a blue blanket. He loves his blue blanket. (Photo 5)

Where is Blue?

Blue is asleep on his blue blanket. Don’t worry if his paws are in the air — he is having dreams about chasing rabbits.

Goodnight Blue!


It’s nice to dust off the old creative writing skills every now and then.

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